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Stekkies automates your home search.

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Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

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Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy
Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

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Frequently asked questions

As you’re probably experiencing, it’s incredibly difficult to find a new house. You, and sometimes literally 100 other rental seekers apply for new houses often within a couple of hours, while landlords often really only consider the first 10 to 20 applicants. Apply too late, and you’ll have no chance of getting invited to the viewing.

Stekkies helps you to finally be one of the first to apply. By using smart algorithms, we check more than 750 websites every minute and send you email notifications as soon as we find a new listing for you. This way, you'll find more listings, you can apply faster than your competition, and you'll get invited to viewings more often! Does it really work so well? It does! You can read why we are rated a 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot here.

You’re probably checking the same websites every day and often finding that you apply too late to get invited to the viewing. Since you’ll receive listings from way more websites and get real-time email notifications for new listings, you’ll find a new home faster using Stekkies..

How long it'll take you to find a new home depends on your situation. The majority of people will find a new home within 7 weeks, but if you’re looking to rent in popular cities with a smaller budget, you can expect it to take longer. So start on time!

Before signing up to Stekkies, we give you an estimate of how many matches we expect to find for you. This serves as a good indication of how long it'll take you to find a new place!

Currently, no.

There are literally thousands of real estate offices in The Netherlands, so the last thing we need is another real estate office. Even more so, keeping track of all their offerings is so difficult, it's part of why we built Stekkies in the first place!

. By providing you with real time notifications, we can help you be one of the first to respond, increasing your chances of being invited to the viewing!

No, Stekkies only searches for free-sector housing and does not search social housing websites.

With Stekkies, you'll get a head start over your competition and find a new home faster. We're working very hard to provide you with the best service to do so, which costs both time and money. Besides, if our service were free and everyone used it, your advantage would be smaller. So, it's important to charge a fee!

Yes! Stekkies also monitors rooms in apartments and houses for rent.

You can add your preference to share your apartment in your preferences. "Sharing" means that you're not searching with your partner, but that you're searching with two or more independent tenants.

Often, listings that Stekkies finds are unclear about whether sharing is allowed or not. We will send you these listings nonetheless because it's always worth trying to call the landlord to see if sharing is allowed.

For many houses, there's an income requirement. Landlords prefer to have some certainty that you can pay your rent every month, which is why they ask for income statements and typically set income requirements. This requirement is often 2 to 3 times the monthly rental price. For example, if your budget is €1500, expect that your income is required to be between €3k and €4.5k (your partner's income usually counts as well).

The exact height of the requirement may vary, but this is often stated in the description of the house.

Yes, you can add "searching as a student" to your preferences. It's possible that listings found by Stekkies are unclear about whether students are allowed or not. However, we will still send you these listings because it's always worth trying to call the landlord to inquire about student accommodation.

Landlords typically require assurance that rent will be paid every month, which is why they ask for income statements. Since students often don't have stable income, it can be more challenging for them to find rental homes. If you're a student, consider asking for a rent guarantee from your parents or another guarantor. Some landlords accept these guarantees!

To make our housing offers as comprehensive as possible, we search a wide variety of websites, including those that require registration. Some of these sites do have a paywall, and unfortunately, we don't have much control over this. However, we believe it's important to include these in our listings for a complete overview.

If you prefer not to receive listings from websites with a paywall, you can easily adjust this in your profile under search criteria. This allows you to personalize your search according to your preferences :)

If you're unsure whether you want to receive listings from paid websites, We recommend giving it a try to get a feel for where most of the listings for your search come from. If a significant number of listings come from one specific paid website, it might be worth considering paying for it. Alternatively, you can simply turn off this option to ensure you don't have to pay for listings from other websites.

You can always reach us on Whatsapp or via Email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can use our chat widget on the right bottom side of your screen.

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