We think searching for appartments is ready for some serious disruption.

Why you'll find your next house faster.

Receive all listings that matter

Stekkies searches over 180 of trustworthy rental websites for you at the same time, so you will never miss a house. As soon as we find listings that match your preferences we'll directly notify you via email.

Be the first to respond

You can instantly respond to listings we email you, right at the source. This way, we can ensure you'll always be one of the first to respond and we increase your chance of finding a house.

No more agency fees

We are a software company and help you with your search. This means you will never have to pay a "one-month-rent" commissions at a real estate agency whenever you find your appartment using Stekkies.

Why you'll find your next rental using Stekkies.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Save time searching.

Get notifications for new rentals that match your preferences. Stop wasting time refreshing rental websites and never miss a house.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Find more houses.

We monitor 210 websites every 60 seconds and notify you when we found a match. You get matches from reliable websites you never knew existed.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Book more viewings.

You can be among the first to respond. Being early increase your chances of booking viewings and renting a house.

Find your next Stekkie faster using Stekkies.