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You're searching on 5 rental websites, we search on more than 250

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  • You're searching on 5 rental websites
    We scan more than 250 rental websites
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Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

Finding a home is difficult. Let Stekkies help.

Moving is stressful. Stekkies helps you by doing the search for apartments for you, by scanning 200+ websites every minute. The only thing you still have to do, is respond to all your matches.

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Stekkies has helped hundres of users find an in Amsterdam and got over 600+ 5 star reviews.

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Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

Save hours of searching

Tell us what you'd like your house to be and sit back while we search over 250 websites every minute at the same time.

Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

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If we find a house that matches your preferences, we instantly email you the listing. You'll always be the first to know.

Stekkies makes finding rentals easy

Be the first to respond

Save time on searching, and still be the first to respond to attend viewings. This increases your chances of finding a Stekkie.

Find your new home the easy way.

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Frequently asked questions

As you’re probably experiencing, it’s incredibly difficult to find a new house. You, and sometimes literally 100 other rental seekers apply for new houses often within a couple of hours, while landlords often really only consider the first 10 to 20 applicants. Apply to late, and you’ll have no chance of get invited to the viewing.

Stekkies helps you to finally be one of the first to apply. By using smart algorithms we check more than 250 websites every minute and send you email notifications as soon as we found a new listing for you. This way you’ll find more listings, you can apply faster than your competition and you’ll get invited to viewings more often! Does it really work so well? It does! You can read why we are rated a 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot here.

You’re probably checking the same websites every day and often finding that you apply to late to get invited to the viewing. Since you’ll receive listings from way more websites ánd get real time email notifications for new listings you’ll find a new home faster using Stekkies.

How long it’ll take you to find a new home depends on your situations. The majority of people will find a new home within 7 weeks, but if you’re looking to rent in the popular cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht) for less than €1200 you can expect it to take longer. So start on time!

Before signing up to Stekkies we give you an estimate of how many matches we expect to find for you. This serves as a good indication how long it’ll take you to find a new place!

Currently, no.

There's literally thousands of real estate office in the Netherlands, so the last thing we need is another real estate office. Even more so, keeping track of all their offerings is so difficult, it's part of why we built Stekkies in the first place!

We do help you find a new place by monitoring more than 250 websites and thus finding all the offerings in the Netherlands. By providing you with real time email notifications, we can help you be one of the first to respond, increasing your chances of being invited to the viewing!

No, Stekkies only searches for free-sector housing. This starts from €752 / month.

With Stekkies you’ll get a head start over your competition and you’ll find a new home faster. We’re working very hard to provide you with the best service to do so, which costs time ánd money! Besides, if our service was free and everyone would use it your advantage would be smaller. So it’s important to charge a fee!

Yes! Stekkies also monitors rooms in apartments and houses for rent.

You can add your wish to share your apartment in your preferences. “Sharing” means that you’re not searching with your partner, but that you’re searching with 2 or more independent tenants.

Often listings that Stekkies finds are unclear whether sharing is or is not allowed. We will send you these listings nonetheless, because it’s always worth the try to call the landlord to see if sharing is allowed.

Note: In Amsterdam there’s different legislation for sharing a house with more than 2 people. Houses need special permits. Many houses do not have these permits, so be wary that it’s much more complicated to find a house in Amsterdam if you’re looking to share with 3 or more.

For a lot of houses there’s an income requirement. Landlords like to have some certainty that you can pay your rent every month, which is why they ask for income statements and usually have some income requirements. This is often 2 to 3x the monthly rental price. If your budget is €1500, expect that your income is required to be €3k to €4.5k (your partners income usually counts as well).

The exact height of the requirement differs, but this is often stated in the description of the house.

Yes, you can add searching as a student to your preferences. It can happen that listings found by Stekkies are unclear whether students are allowed or not. We will send you these listings nonetheless, because it’s always worth the try to call the landlord to see if sharing is allowed.

Landlords like to have some assurance that rent will be paid every month which is why they ask for income statements. Students often don’t have stable income, which is why it can be harder for students to find a rental home. In case you’re a student be sure to ask for a guarantee of your rent to for instance your parents. There are landlords that accept these guarantees!

You can always reach us on Whatsapp or via Email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can use our chat widget on the right bottom side of your screen.

Why we started Stekkies.

By 2 tenants,
for tenants

As home seekers ourselves, we know how incredibly hard it was to find a place to live. Just like you, we were scrolling on websites all day, checking every hour and even still we were often calling agents only to hear "Sorry, this place has been rented out already". We both had jobs, but this definitely felt like a full-time job in itself.

We decided to build a tool that would help us monitor all the sites we were checking, and send us an email as soon as a new place was listed. We were the first to know about new places, and we were able to respond quickly. After a handful of viewings we were in luck and found our new home!

Friends and family quickly started trying out our tool, and we realized that we could help many more people. Now, 2 years later, we have helped thousands of people find their new home and hopefully we can help you too!

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