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Finding a house in Hoofddorppleinbuurt

In the recent years Hoofddorppleinbuurt has evolved from being a workersarea to one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. An influx in new rental properties, bars and a heavy focus on green now makes this area loved by both families and students alike. Close to the ‘Ring’ highway, Hoofddorppleinbuurt is ideal for people working in or around Amsterdam. Aside from the ‘Ring’, the area is connected superbly with trams and metro stations closeby. Connectivity and proximity to the city center are definitely a huge plus of the Hoofddorpleinbuurt.

Pricing of Hoofddorppleinbuurt

Hope we're not ruining your party by saying that renting in Amsterdam is very expensive. Prices do vary a lot from neighbourhood to neighbourhood though, so be sure to check out our price chart to see which neighbourhood best fits your budget.

Types of apartments in Hoofddorppleinbuurt

Depending on your budget you might consider renting a smaller or larger apartment. You might be looking for smaller studio apartments if you'll only need one bedroom. The prices for a studio aparment naturally vary from 2 bedroom apartments so we've determined how different sizes affect the average rental prices below.

Size Price per month
0-30 m2 € 1277.0
30-50 m2 € 1518.0
50-70 m2 € 1743.0
70-150 m2 € 2204.0

Tips for renting an apartment in Hoofddorppleinbuurt

Finding an apartment in Amsterdam is generally very difficult because at any time there's just way too many people that want to live here. We've constructed a list of 5 tips for you to get started on how to find an aparment in Amsterdam.

  • 1 Know what you want

    Take some time to really write down what you're willing to spend on living in Amsterdam and what kind of apartment you'd like to have. Rooms, mimimal surface, outside space, any requirements, write them down and continue to step 2.

  • 2 Check what's possible

    Like we've previously shown, the price of houses is hugely dependent on both location and size. Try highlighting different neighbourhoods in the graph on this page to check their prices, and write down which neighbourhoods would be the best fit for your requirements.

  • 3 Monitor housing websites. Every. Day.

    Now comes the fun part. Be sure to refresh those housing websites every minute of the day in order to view and find every rental listing that comes online matching your requirements.

  • 4 Respond fast!

    If you've found listing that you like, be sure to instantly respond to the listing. This is very important as a lot of people will be interested in the listing, and viewings go on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your fast, you'll have the highest chance of being invited to the viewing.

    Tip: This is where Stekkies can hugely help you on your search. We make sure you can always be the first to respond to listings while not having to monitor websites yourself.

  • 5 Attend viewings.

    Great, you've made it. Now it's time to dazzle the agent with how well you've prepared for this. Take all the required documents, dress somewhat decent and put on your best smile. First impressions matter, and being well prepared will definitely help your chances. Good luck!

Get some help during your search

Stekkies monitors up to 100 trusted real estate listing websites every minute and emails you all listings that match your requirements. This way, you save time searching and we can ensure you'll always be one of the first to respond.

No more agency fees

We are a software company and help you with your search. This means you will never have to pay a "one-month-rent" commissions at a real estate agency whenever you find your appartment using Stekkies.

Interested in Amsterdam?

To help you find your way in Amsterdam we've created a more extensive guide here with more details about the city and other neighbourhoods. Be sure to check it out!

Why you'll find your next rental using Stekkies.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Save time searching.

Get notifications for new rentals that match your preferences. Stop wasting time refreshing rental websites and never miss a house.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Find more houses.

We monitor 750 websites every 60 seconds and notify you when we find a match. You will get matches from reliable websites you never knew existed.

How Stekkies helps you find an apartment

Book more viewings.

You will be among the first to respond. Being early increase your chances of booking viewings and renting a house.

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Find your next rental home, the easy way

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